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Mosquitoes, Heartworms and Pets, Oh My!

Not only do mosquitoes carry human diseases like malaria and Zika, they also transmit one of the deadliest diseases in pets: HEARTWORM DISEASE.

Unfortunately, your pets can’t hide from mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease, because they never know exactly where mosquitoes are.

It’s estimated that 22 different species of mosquitoes in the U.S. – and many more worldwide – can carry heartworm disease.

There’s no “safe” time to take that walk, because different mosquito species feed at different times of day. Meanwhile, indoor pets aren’t safe, either, because mosquitoes love to come inside.

And when it’s cool, mosquitoes can survive in warm places, like crawl spaces and sunny decks.

We live in an area that is common for heartworms, so it is important that we test and get your pet on a heartworm preventative. Not only does our test check for heartworms, it also checks for three different tick-borne diseases.
We encourage all of our patients to have yearly heartworm tests and be on monthly heartworm preventive.. It ensures us that the heartworm prevention is doing its job and your pet is free from any heartworms. Left undetected, heartworms can be fatal. However, it is very easy to prevent heartworms.

Contact us at (410) 778-2188 to schedule your pet’s yearly heartworm test or for more information.

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